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Bootstrap-BP hugo startpage MIRROR

Bootstrap based Hugo startpage theme which provides out of the box best practices. This theme is a combination of my Bootstrap-BP hugo theme and my startpage. Instead of rendering the items on-the-fly as in the startpage theme the Bootstrap-BP hugo startpage will generate a complete single page site.

Other themes by Sebastian Pech: Bootstrap-BP, Materialize-BP, Bootstrap-BP hugo startpage.

Install the theme

With Git installed, run the following commands inside the Hugo site folder. If Hugo has not yet been installed, read the setup guide here.

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone

You can get a zip of the latest version of the theme from the home page and extract it to the themes folder.

Theme settings

Most settings should be done with hugo specific variables. There are only a few (optional) additional [params].

  • welcomeText = "Startpage!" is the text above the search box
  • startPageColumns = true will show the start page in grouped lists

Activate the search engine you want to use (or add a new one).

  name = "Google"
  activated = true
  url = ""

  name = "DuckDuckGo"
  activated = true
  url = ""

  name = "Bing"
  activated = true
  url = ""

  name = "Baidu"
  activated = true
  url = ""
  searchkey = "kw"

startPageColumns = false

startPageColumns = true

Define the links in a file in data/links.yml. This needs to be structured like this.

- group: Social media
    - title: reddit
      icon: fab fa-reddit
    - title: Facebook
      icon: fab fa-facebook
- group: Utilities
    - title: GitHub
      icon: fab fa-github

Icons are taken from Font Awesome.


Inspired by: