Collected Dotfiles
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Desktop dotfiles


A collection of my accumulated dotfiles, right now really messy and anythig but finished.
Feel free to use.


Desktop Scrot

Used Software:

  • sway (wlroots based wayland compositor)

  • swaybg (wallpaper)

  • mako (notifications)

Various Scripts


# The VT to run the greeter on. Can be "next", "current" or a number
# designating the VT.
vt = 1

# The default session, also known as the greeter.
command = "sway --config /etc/greetd/sway-config"

# The user to run the command as. The privileges this user must have depends
# on the greeter. A graphical greeter may for example require the user to be
# in the `video` group.
user = "greeter"