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🍵 Blue-tea

Startpage with : Dedicated Firefox themes, Weather, To-Do List and also available online!

Preview Preview

Table of contents


  • DEDICATED FIREFOX THEMES : click HERE for the dark theme or HERE for the light theme, for a preview of the themes check the Screenshot section of this very repository

  • Available online you don't have to clone this repo, the startpage is available at : HERE all you have to do is to go in your browser settings and set the given url as Homepage

  • Dark/Light Theme changes depending on the time of day, you can also switch it manually

  • Weather displays current temperature, description of weather conditions and city name

  • To-Do List allows you to add tasks, mark as completed and delete tasks that you add

  • Autofocus now when the user opens the page, the cursor will already be in the searchbar so they only need to type

  • Search gives you the ability to search on any sites that you can add yourself, at the moment research supports:

  • Netflix --> -n + "name of what you want to search"

  • Amazon --> -a + "name of what you want to search"

  • ArchWIki --> -w + "name of what you want tosearch"

  • Reddit --> -r + "specific name of the subreddit"

  • Spotify (web) --> -s "name of what you want to search"

  • DuckDuckGo --> -d + "query of your research"

  • GitHub --> -g + "name of the repo you are looking"

  • -YouTube --> y + "name of what you want to search"

  • Default : will search what you type on google.

  • Help: Now -h will show you all the options for the research plus an example on how to use the research. Preview


To add your own link to your favorite site, you just need to add a line to the HTML code, for example:

<a href="" target="_blank">
  <i class="fab fa-reddit"></i>

Weather Setting

To display the weather you need to have a free API key, which can be obtained from the OpenWeatherMap website.

If you generated a new API key and the weather doesn't work, then try to wait for a while until the key is activated.

As weather icons I used icons from this project.